About Us

About Us

We, at IEMECH, otherwise known as INSTANT POWER ELECTRO MECHANICAL WORKS, are here to provide all the services that YOU would require. We have put in a lot of thought and have defined all the services that you might need as a company to run successfully.

We are headquartered in Dubai, the Global Hub of all businesses, and has been staying ahead of our competitors by adopting new technology early, providing the right service to our clients and employing highly skilled, people who conform to our company culture and support us in serving YOU better.

Our core values


We ‘Walk The Talk’ and we take our integrity seriously. We only say what we can do and if we say it, consider it done. We hold ourselves at fault if YOU, our customer, are not satisfied with our services. We perform our commitments on time, keeping our communications open and honest.

Our core value rests on the pillar of ethics. We consider that being ethical is the only way we can forge a strong, solid, and trustworthy reputation of the company in the market.


Our constant focus is on improving ourselves. It is a never-ending task for us. We constantly strive to be better than what we are and what we were just yesterday. We provide a dynamic environment for our employees to better themselves in whatever way they can and want to, and at their own pace.

Our People

We consider our people as the core of our company. This is why we make it a priority to hire the best talent around and also expect the best from them. We invest in our people in order to provide the best customer support to YOU.

Reliability and safety

We prioritize in making our workplace safe for all our employees and everyone else. We take up necessary drives to make our employees self-conscious about safety at all times. We also provide the necessary means to make our company’s workplace environment a safe place to work in.

Customer service

We have always stressed the importance of our customers in our business. We always keep our customers in mind while deciding upon each and every service that we introduce and every person we bring in to our folds. Our decision-making process always involves our customers at every step of the game.


We, at IEMECH, have fun-loving environment as we consider working while having fun is the best way forward. As we consider providing the best service to our customers, we know the best way to do it is by taking care of our employees in every possible way that we can.